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In 1971 together with other coffee producers, the company founded the SAO cafe' consortium.
From the end of 1980's, the company began a series of acquisitions in the sector:
The most recent being the roaster CAFE' ROBERTA in MODENA.

A new 11000 cubic metre facility is being realized in BUSSOLENGO (VR) that includes avant-garde technology and characteristics:
Automatic maintenance of prodution lines.
stocking of raw materials and finished products with an automated warehouse.
Maximum work safety standards- Safeguarding of the impact on the environment.-
Team & Company
and the systematic control of these raw materials during all stages of importation.
During the delicate roasting stage, the various grades of coffee beans are roasted separately, at the right temperature and for a specific amount of time, to preserve all of their aromatic attributes. This "recipe" is the true signature of each Pellini blend, a signature that is derived from years and years of coffee roasting experience and dedicated attention to consumer needs. At the end of this process, the coffee beans have acquired body and flavour, releasing their characteristic intense aroma, and an exclusive blending of the beans creates the various types of Pellini coffee: noble and appreciated because they are prepared with skill and experience.
La nuova sede di Pellini a Italia.
Today Pellini is one of the leading coffee roasters in Italy, a positione that has been won by continuous attention to service, to market expectations and to the evolution of technology. This company has also looked beyond the borders of Italy and is corrently  present in over 30 markets around the world.

This commitment to quality has won recognition, not only by the market, but by the experts responsible for granting UNI EN ISO 9002 international quality certification and HACCP  internal hygiene control managment certificatio. Recognitions that few coffee producers can boast.

To give you an idea of the strict quality control standards that are imposed at Pellini, all coffee beans are selected directly at its source, guaranteeing success from the very origin, thanks to the detailed and strict quality standards imposed on the growers